Sunday, September 29, 2013

Someone does love you!

How are you lovely bloggers doing? You all are an inspiration in some of the sweetest ways. I really am thankful to be a part of this community even though I have been distant for a while in the writing part of it. But that's because I have been finding out who I am suppose to be in life , Where I am suppose to go. My desire is to love on people like Jesus did. To be unashamed, and for the love of Jesus to flow out of my heart. Lately through the bump in my road I've been facing Ive been inspired , inspired knowing how loved I am by people. It doesn't always have to be blood, to mean family. Knowing some people don't have that supportive family to go to during that time of struggle. Ya know! Anyways God puts people into our lives for a reason! :) To help up grow. Know that somebody cares about you, Know that Jesus died on the cross for you. How deep of love is that to know. Remember you don't know the battle that somebody else is facing. By this don't judge a book by its cover. So don't judge a person by its cover. We are are own people. Don't fall into the trap that nobody loves you because it is a tough one to get out of.

My goal in life is to make children feel loved :)

I wanted to share my speech with you from  speech the other day , I presented it :)
Yes It came out a little bit different , but this was my goal to share. (A persuasive Speech for a Scholarship )

I have always been a student with A’s and B’s.  My goal in life is to make children feel loved because growing up I didn’t have that and it was always hard for me but that made me who I am today.  By achieving that goal I would like to open my own daycare or become a preschool teacher. People always are reminding me how good I am with children that they keep coming back to me when they need help with their children. I currently am one of the lead people at my church working Nursery church if you don’t know what that is it is taking care of the children 0-5 , I have been doing this since I was sixteen  and it really has encouraged me to keep going in that direction.  Just recently I got hired for a babysitter position and it is really fun.  Not being loved on much as a child made me have compassion to follow that dream of mine. So by this going to college has been a struggle money wise, and from what people have told me they see where I come from and follow my dream does take income and sometimes that is harder to get when you don’t qualify for anything financially , and you have to beg your parents for help. I have had to keep pushing because I care about making life’s of children different and that’s why I think I would be a good candidate for this opportunity. 

Anyways I'd love to hear from you, love to hear your prayer requests :) send me an email!!

 Blessings - Sarah 

"Joshua 1:9"