Monday, May 6, 2013

     As my first year of college is wrapping up, I have one final left to go, had 2 of them today, and finished my online one last week. I wanted to say I am back to my normal self, I have Joy and the strength of Jesus living through me. For awhile I wanted to give up, but with the help of some precious people I am doing better then ever again and back on my feet. God is doing something big in my life right now and teaching me the meaning of FRIENDSHIP. So yes I sadly had to let go of some of my dearest friends because they just weren't a healthy part of my life. To be honest since that I have so much more peace. Well I just wanted to tell you I'll be back and writing some more blog posts when I get the chance.

Remember "ALL things are Possible through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians 4:13

Have a blessed evening dear blogging community, what ever you are facing no that it is only temporary, its going to get better and better (: 

Need Prayer Sweet Ones?
I would love to pray for you, I have been none to be a very prophetic person in the spirit as some have told me. 

Remember not to give up, that's what the enemy wants you to do, but you cant let that happen, say I'm a victor not a victim. 

I can't help but to rejoice tonight, and it should be like that every day! Jesus is greater then anything in this world.

                                       With Love: Sarah 

P.S. Comment if you enjoy my blog, been thinking of taking it down, I want to know! Thankyou!
God bless.


  1. I am glad to hear that you are doing well! That Starbucks drink looks AMAZING! :)

    God showed me a lot about my friendships, too. He showed me what to look for in a friend, and also how to BE a friend. It's wonderful when He teaches us that, and when He surrounds us with healthy community!

    1. Love you sweet gem! You are a precious person!

  2. Awesome girl! I was just blog hopping on Erin's blog and found yours. & That star bucks drink looks so good!!
    Much love xoxoxo

    1. How sweet, I love Erins blog, & it was so good!
      So thankful for this blogging community it has been helping me push through what ive been going through lately!