Friday, June 28, 2013

     How are you sweet people?  This crazy life has kept me off of my blog for over a month it seems but that's okay because I have had more important things on my heart and blogging just happened to not be one of them just because I forgot about it for awhile. I have been spending my time drawing closer to to the Lord and spending time with family, church stuff , house sitting, and you know just that stuff. I just seemed to have such a heaviness on my heart for awhile where it led me into tears a couple times but something I kept reminding myself of over and over was this "All things are possible through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS me" // Philippians 4:13 How are you guys doing though my sweet followers, please don't unfollow me because I haven't been blogging I have been going through ordinary life. During this time I took a lil break from Blogging I had a complete healing and restoration of my knee from the Power of God, it was the most amazing thing I could possibly feel. I felt the presence of God so deeply and strongly like I had never felt before it was so Precious. One thing I want to tell you never give up, because when you do you have let the enemy win and thats what he is trying to do because satan is the god of this world, but remember as a believer we HAVE GOD, the God of eternal life, the spirit. He is not the darkness of this world. Our God shines the light into this dark world... Remember you are deeply loved.

                   "Dont Forget You're Loved"

              *I am a daughter Of God*I'm a Victorious Woman* I am Loved* Im his favorite*

                                A promise I made, and a Promise I will keep until marriage.
"Don't let anyone look down on you for being young, Instead make your speech, behavior, love, faith, purity and example for others" 1st Tim 4:12
 Get your worship on!!
                With Love - Sarah 
               Joshua 1:9

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