Sunday, April 7, 2013

Push Forward

 Sometimes life hits us unexpectedly, sometimes we get weak. I personally am going through a weak point in my life right now. I feel like there's nobody or nothing. I have went through losing my best friend's that I could possibly ever have in my life it was hard because I was scared because I told them everything about me. I stopped to look back and just thank God for his mercy and forgiveness. We loose people, by sudden, on purpose, by accident, but I remind myself that it is all part of God's plan in my life. He doesn't want us around people who don't live for what you live for.  I believe God saved me for the better from the people who were dragging me down in life. But don't get me wrong I love and pray for them always. I thank God that I am here today! Isn't that one of the greatest things to do Every morning you wake up to a new day. We have to thank God that he woke us up to be a blessing to the hurting world. The day I got saved was the greatest feeling to my life. But the greatest day was when I got baptized and accepted a new world of Jesus being my Lord. Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, I have flaws but I let Jesus heal my heart every time I feel like the enemy is attacking me. I may have hit rock bottom now but I learn to remember how precious it is that Jesus dies on the cross for our everything, our sins, and so much more. That is my reminder and it is absolutely so precious to my heart. Jesus lives in my heart and that's the only reason I don't give up during these days. Can I tell you we struggle most when we don't be ourselves and try to be like this world. I take time to say no and tell that Enemy God  is bigger then anything and anyone. We have to stand on that promise. Find your comfort, find somebody to talk to because if you don't the enemy known as satan has already one. So then we have to repent, remember God forgives us. Find your verse in the bible. The one that brings me hope through this daily world is "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me"// Philippians 4:13. How do you move forward through this world without Jesus because I know it's impossible for me. Jesus is the person who can feel every need and emotion we need. He is the Jesus of LOVE, STRENGTH, HEALING, JOY, and so much more!  NO THING is impossible for him because he Cares for us. "Cast your anxieties of the Lord for he cares for you"// 1st peter 5:7. There's hope and strength in the Bible, just open it and see it for yourself. Find somebody that you can pray with, or talk too. I reliezed that God listens but it takes us as believer who is struggling to step out of our comfort zone and show love of Jesus to somebody who is so broken. It could be just a girl who doesn't have anybody who felt she wanted to end her life just because she didn't know how to feel it. Sometimes as a christian we even struggle. But look at the image of Jesus being crucified on that cross for us. Be the christian you are and show the world there's light and hope in this world. Tell them that Jesus is strength through the darkness. A verse that live on daily is Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous nor discouraged or dismayed for the LORD YOUR GOD is with YOU wherever you go" If that doesn't bring you hope what else can? I only know that God is such a blessing and brings my life so much Joy. If your hurting today or battling something, shoot me an email, Id be so glad pray for you. This blogging community has brought me so much Joy and It has helped me completely find Jesus again. So I want to be that person to bring you comfort and be light that Jesus has given me to SHOW you the POWER he brings and gives. God is awesome and I don't know where I'd be today without his support. His power rains. I personally want to thank every one who has been praying for me , with this health that Ive been battling. I have peace today again and its such a GOOD feeling. I want to thank Erin the most, she happens to always have that anointing from hours away! I love her like a big sister.

"Take me back to that lovely Moment, Where everything around me was gone"

With Love

Sarah Elizabeth

"All things are coming to past"


  1. Beautiful post, love! Phil 4:13 brought me great peace and comfort this week, also!

    1. The funny thing is I was going to post this last week, but I guess it never posted until the other day! Thankyou dear! Your heart flows jesus

  2. Awww I LOVE this post and your heart. That song is beautiful, and the truths here are precious. And btw, I can totally see your photos now! :)