Friday, August 23, 2013

20 things about Me!

Hey my sweet followers and Friends (:

I seem to be back to blogging!

I want to share some facts, because I got this amazing idea from a sweet Christ Sisters Blog!

So here it goes (:

20 things About Me:
1. Im tall for a girl
2. My Favorite color is Purple
3. I love Jesus more than anything.
4. Spiders I don't like
5. I am a college student
6. Im about to enter my 20's 
7. I Love dogs lots( I almost died in 5th grade being severely mauled by 3 dogs, but I still love dogs) 
8. I love to wear dresses( Long ones of course because I'm a giant.
9. I am very involved at church
10. I love to take photographs
11. I am the only girl in my family, so many brothers
12. My favorite bible verse is Joshua 1:9 
13. I dont miss a day of reading my word 
14. I love singing ( May not sound so beautiful , but hey)
15. I have been an aunty since I was younger
16. I love to write poetry
17. I sneeze alot
18. I love my family 
19. I used to play basketball
20. I want a huge family ( waiting on God for that man) 

                                                  - Sarah

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