Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thoughts !

So I guess you can say my life has been a bumpy road lately, considering I haven't even had the desire to write and that's one of my passions. Those moments the enemy tries to win, and you just have to leave all distractions behind. And this happened to be a distraction I left behind, currently I think I have failed myself and the Lord because I know my heart hasn't been in the right place. But hey nobody is perfect right? I definitely don't claim to be any form of that. Lately has been a tough battle from all the hurtful words I have received from people, but I just remind myself that the enemy uses people to try to steal our peace. I have to say I definetly have learned what friendship means lately. If people dont encourage or uplift you in your faith walk then its okay to love on them and let them go on with their lifes. SO i did alot of thinking as I was on a 10 day vacation it was so very fun, distraction free and full of fun. Sometimes we just need a break from our ordinary life. I learned and grew alot in these 10 days and I just got back yesterday from my relaxing fun filled vacation. God is overly awesome and blesses us in ways that we certainly cant think about. Unexpected blessings are just so precious. Well How is my blog friends and community doing? I may have lost some followers but I guess thats something normal that would happen if your not a weekly writer. But hey I'd love to email some of you that are still following me, and reading what I post and share. I feel like a new person in the Lord now.

"All things are Possible through Christ who Strengthens you" // Philippians 4:13

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