Sunday, January 6, 2013

How is your toungue?

 First Id like to mention that most of my reference to this blog post came from a powerful book called, Does your tongue need healing? by Derek Prince! If you do not have that book, borrow it or buy it. Definitely life changing. I read this book in like 2 hours, could not put it down. 2 words, life changing!

      The title says it all, How is your tongue? Did you know the power of what you speak can either help or destroy you? "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit// Proverbs 18:21 Nas" If its written in the book of life (BIBLE) it must be correct right? Well it is! The Lord dealt with me pretty hard tonight about how some of my actions have been, and some of the things I have been saying. All of this happened as I was listening to the word on my phone, and texting with my spiritual mother. Matter of fact I was in tears, Crazy huh? But I praise God that his forgiveness is so good. There is so many forgiveness scriptures, check it out in that Bible for yourself. It is so important to have a clean and pure heart, because A wicked one is the Enemy coming to kill steal and destroy. As you can see what comes out of your mouth shows how your heart is on the inside. We definitely will have a life full of sorrow if we cant control our tongues and lips. I want to let you know even the best christian, or spiritual believer slips, but Gods forgiveness is amazing. Remember our words determine destiny! Something to think about right? Hopefully I got your mind thinking tonight, because mine is, but from the power of God.

"The healing of the tongue is a tree of life"

"Your lips are like a scarlet thread, and your mouth is lovely"

"The words of a gossip are like morsels; they go down to a man inmost parts // Proverbs 18:8"

"Unless this disease of lying is arrested and healed it is sure to be fatal"

Diseases of the toungue!
  1. Excessive Talking
  2. Idle or careless words
  3. Gossip
  4. Lying 
  5. Flattery
  6. Hastiness of speech
"A pure spring is the Holy Spirit"

"The blood of Jesus doesn't cleanse in the dark"

First steps on healing our tongue!
  1. Call your problem by it's right name. Sin!
  2. Confess your sin and receive Forgiveness and cleansing! (Read 1st John 1:7-9)
  3. Refuse sin, yield to God 
My heart was heavy, but thats why God invented Praise, so Get your praise on! 

The greatest blessings are yet to come! Halleluah, this is the year. 

God dont make no Junk, so dont receive it!

Well, I hope you guys are doing lovely!

With Love- Sarah Elizabeth!
Psalm 16:8 

Im also thinking about alot of dear friends tonight, I want you all to know I am very much praying for you, and I love you guys!
  •  Erin
  • Amy 
  • Rachel(Both)
  • Katey 
And praying for all of you sweet followers too! The best is coming, hold on to that, dont give up!

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  1. Girl this definitly spoke to my heart while reading your blog. Amazing! All this is so very true and yes we are all a work in progress but when we come as we are, God changes us from the inside out. Love you girly and excited to see where the Lord is taking us to this year!