Friday, February 8, 2013

Dont feel alone!

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  1. Girl, let me first off say how proud I am of you, of you persistence with God and never giving up! I can totally see God inside of you, and you are going to reach so many young girls who have dealt, and are dealing with the same type of situations that you have faced in the past. You've overcome because you chose to follow God. As I was watching your video, the Lord was just reminding me and confirming some things in my life. I can honestly say that in this new season, the Lord is wanting me and you to stick together to gain spiritual growth, under pressure, allowing our outer shells to crack open and to sprout the light inside of us out towards other people, letting our light shine bright. This is just the stepping stone girl and I am Joyful today! Thank you for helping me gain my Joy back throughout those dark moments that I was dealing with for the past week. The Joy of the Lord is my strength and song! Keep on keeping on with your blogposts and videos because the Lord will bless you beyond measure. Why? because you are a King's Daughter! Have a Wonderful weekend love__<3