Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh the Chaos!

Cast all your anxieties on the Lord for he cares for you// 1st peter 5:7

Hello my dear Followers!
First off I wanted to let you know im sorry that I haven't been able to do a blog post lately. With college, Family Problems, and overall life I just kinda wasn't able to sit down and do one. So as I sit here in my chair, and as I have been fighting with discouragement this week I haven't gave up because the greater one lives in me. I have been reminded many times this week to hold on, and the battle was hard. Today is the first day I was able to force myself to rejoice. Yesterday happened to be my breakdown day, as I watched a horrible fight take place, I lost it and had a nervous break down with tears and all. Not only that cops had to be involved and my life was not in the right place. But I am personally thankful for my spiritual mother who I immediately called in tears, and she had me go over so I could get calmed down. You may not know how much a hug means to me, but it means the world to me. Just the comforting hug can change my mood. I am so thankful for even when we feel faithless, God is still faithful. He never gives up on us even in our darkest battle. The verse that keeps me standing through this chaotic week "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me" //Phil 4:13. When you have to give a family member a break because they keep bringing you into a violent situation. The only thing you can do is trust Jesus, and give the care up to him because that's the only thing we can do to find peace in it. It breaks my heart knowing that the world is such a dark place, but the thing that gives me hope personally is because I'm a light and the greater on lives in me. Don't give in to discouragement, its not of God! That's the enemy coming only to kill, steal , and destroy.


All of those have encouraged me this week during my struggle, but I didn't give up!

It was short and sweet for this post but, my words aren't complete until I get this burden off my heart.

I love you all, and I thank you for being  you.

With Love- Sarah

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